Visitor, Vendor, and Temporary Employee Management

Make visits to your organization easier and safer

The OCTOPUS Visitor, Supplier & Temporary Employee Management System offers a comprehensive, intuitive and streamlined visitor enrollment process and user experience for both your organization and the visitor himself, while removing the need for any special dedicated hardware and paperwork.

Complete control, all in one place

The system enables your organization to control all the visitors, temporary employees, suppliers, and contractors entering and exiting your facilities, handling all aspects of the visiting process, from invitations and scheduling to security and temporary employee payroll management.

Save on hardware costs without sacrificing effectiveness

The system leverages existing mobile phone infrastructure, saving money and allowing easy access by authorized employees, management, and security personnel. The system integrates with your existing hardware, communicates with security and reception staff, and manages visitors across multiple locations from one system.

A variety of available integrations

The OCTOPUS software can integrate to a variety of systems, such as LPR, gates & barriers, turnstyles, access control, background checking software, and ERP systems, to maximize your control over who enters and exits your facilities.

Available anytime, anywhere

Our Cloud-enabled, web-based system is secure and easy to install, implement and maintain, reducing costs and dependence on complicated costly IT infrastructure and personnel.