Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

The changing face of security management

Today’s security officer has to manage numerous security systems from different providers and generate an accurate situational picture from disparate data sources. This makes security management time consuming and expensive, and the lack of integration and cross referencing makes it difficult to make fast and well-informed security decisions.

One-stop-shop, all-in-one, Cloud-enabled PSIM

The OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center takes the guesswork out of your security management by unifying your disparate security devices and information systems into one converged platform.

As the only fully Cloud-based PSIM available on the market, the OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center is a complete solution for security, safety and operation centers, offering a unified common operational picture (COP) either on a multiple screen layout or on a laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

Security in the palm of your hand

The OCTOPUS PSIM includes a native mobile application that connects everyone in your organization, saving valuable time in the event of an emergency and placing “human sensors” in the field.

OCTOPUS software can interface with all of your organization’s security and data systems, including alarms, fraud prevention, cyber-attack alerts, safety sensors, entrance monitoring, and closed circuit cameras, as well as open source intelligence and social media, enhancing situational awareness, improving response time, and increasing efficiency.