Mobile Distress Signaling

Assistance in an instant

The OCTOPUS mobile distress signaling application allows your organization’s security personnel, employees, and/or customers to quickly and discreetly notify the Command & Control Center, first responders, and predefined contacts in case of an emergency.

Faster and easier response dispatching

The app pinpoints the exact geo-location of the individual in distress, making it faster and easier to send security forces and emergency services where they’re needed.

Discreet distress signaling for every type of situation

The distress signal can be activated in four ways: by using the in-app panic button, by holding down the volume button on an Android device, by using a timer that will activate the alarm if a passcode is not entered on time, or through the use of the app’s gyro mode, which automatically activates the alarm when the device is rotated to 30 degrees.

Increased situational awareness for more a effective response

When activated, the app automatically sends a message to the Command & Control Center, security personnel in the field, and predefined emergency contacts, and includes the personal information of the individual distress, their location, and navigation information. Mobile users can quickly and easily send messages, pictures, and live streaming video straight from the incident site, allowing security personnel to respond more effectively.