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Security systems and information security are vital gateways to a company’s facility, property and assets, critical data and intellectual property, and they are therefore consistently being targeted by international and domestic crime organizations, terror organizations and governmental cyber-attack agencies. A risk and security system evaluation can help managers and organization authorities evaluate their current status and preparedness in order to strengthen current security systems and provide updated countermeasures to mitigate the continually changing forms of threats.

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The OCTOPUS consulting team carries out in depth inspection of your organization's systems and checks if if they comply with current requirements, their condition, their coverage, their installation, their technology level, and their penetration level. Our team can recommend changes and design new security systems according to the risk assessment, needs and budget of your organization.

Our Approach

In order to complete a security consultation, OCTOPUS deploys a team of highly experienced specialists in the fields of security methodology, risk management and mitigation, security technologies, and information security vulnerability, all of whom have extensive relevant experience in national security operations and technologies.

Work method can include some or all of the following:

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